What is a Website Audit and Why Your Website Needs One

What is a website audit and Why Your Website Needs One

As the owner of an eCommerce store, your livelihood hinges on your website’s performance. Today’s online shoppers are savvy, demanding, and continually seeking the fastest, most straightforward way to buy what they need. If you fail to deliver smooth, clear user experience, shoppers can be very unforgiving. If your website is just one second too slow or “a little bit” confusing, you could lose up to 90% of your visitors.

Fortunately, there is a fast and easy way to prevent shoppers from abandoning your site. By scheduling a website audit or user experience audit (UX Audit), you will help drive sales by keeping shoppers engaged and impressed with your offerings. Most importantly, you will help prevent them from turning to your competitors for their purchases.

What exactly is a website audit?

A website audit is a process in which a specialist thoroughly evaluates your website and provides feedback to you regarding essential design & development elements. Sometimes known as a “UX audit” or a “Website Teardown,” an audit is performed to help your website function smoothly and swiftly. An audit is commonly comprised of three key processes:

  • Evaluation of your customer-facing website to screen for design flaws and glitches that may interfere with browsing or purchasing
  • Examination of the back end of your website to assess how your code, applications, and apps/plugins are impacting your site’s speed and functionality
  • Reporting of strengths and weaknesses, along with clear-cut web design & development recommendations

Identifying inefficiencies and providing next-step solutions is critical to helping a brand ensure their website delivers a superb user experience and generates more revenue. When adequately undertaken, a website audit will improve your customers’ way of engaging and navigating your site. More importantly, it will increase the odds that shoppers will buy your products.

Why do you need a website audit?

Every dollar matters for eCommerce companies operating on already thin profit margins. So before exploring the many benefits an audit can deliver, it is helpful to understand why you should invest in a UX audit. The reason is simple: To increase revenue and prevent your customers from leaving your site due to poor user experience. Here are some specific reasons why you should periodically seek a website audit:

  • Point out distracting images and videos that may detract from your conversions
  • Highlight inefficiencies such as poor optimization, lengthy page loading times, and duplicate content
  • Perform an eye test to ensure that your site is clean, attractive, and well-organized
  • Spot errors such as broken links, misspelled words, improperly tagged images, and outdated information
  • Identify oversights such as missing search boxes, contact information, or a clear way to return to your homepage
  • Screen for navigation problems such as poorly defined headers that prevent users from smoothly moving to another page

What are some key benefits of a UX audit?

benefits of a UX audit

By shedding light on opportunities for improvement within your website, a UX audit will open the door for an improved brand image and increased conversions. While you will begin to notice some positive changes fairly quickly, the most impressive results will become evident when comparing your goal attainment and bottom line from one year to the next. Some of the key benefits of a website audit are as follows:

  • A clearer value proposition: An experienced teardown specialist will highlight the value of the products or services you offer.
  • A more modern design: A UX auditor can help transform a dated or “old” looking site into a new, current website.
  • A faster purchasing process: By removing glitches and boosting page-loading speed, visitors will be able to locate and purchase products faster.
  • Expanded product sales: When users can clearly understand the value of what you are offering, they are more apt to place an order.
  • A more compelling call to action (CTA): A UX auditor will suggest ways to reposition or redesign your call to action button.
  • Improved credibility: You will learn how to properly use testimonials to your selling advantage.
  • Stronger brand identity: A website audit will uncover opportunities to help your brand resonate strongly with customers.
  • Heightened customer satisfaction: Your ratings and customer feedback will improve as a result of your efforts to improve your website.

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How can you ensure a high-quality website audit?

Not all website audits are equal. The industry’s top auditors will leave no stone unturned to deliver outstanding results. They are often brutally honest in their assessment of your site, and their feedback may even seem harsh at times. But they have a proven track record of success that shows their commitment to helping their clients.

The key to ensuring a top-quality website audit is to make sure you choose a web design specialist with care. Here are some tips to help you select a competent web design specialist who will deliver outstanding results:

  • Ask to see some recent samples of the company’s work.
  • Request three references of clients who have completed UX audits. Then call them to inquire about their experience.
  • Look for companies that have a lengthy history or years of industry experience.
  • Ask for a written quotation that clearly outlines what you will receive with your audit.
  • Check a company’s online reviews before moving forward with an audit.

By following these tips, you will increase the chances of being highly satisfied with your audit outcome.

Your trusted solution for all of your website needs

A UX audit can revolutionize the user experience for your eCommerce customers. And a UX audit is even more powerful when used in conjunction with other marketing techniques such as conversion rate optimization, content strategies, user testing, and mobile website development. With a comprehensive eCommerce strategy in place, you will position your eCommerce company for stardom in the coming year.

To discover the power a website audit offers, we invite you to contact us at Future Holidays to schedule your audit today. In addition to setting up your audit, we will touch upon the many other ways we can help you maximize your eCommerce sales. We look forward to helping you transform your website!