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Is your e-commerce site not converting as strongly as you want? If you suspect that stale content and inefficiencies are behind the rise in abandoned shopping carts, then a website audit could provide welcome insights on what is not working. And the good news is that a website audit can be completed efficiently with no downtime

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The benefits of a website audit

Before diving into the process, it is helpful to understand exactly how this process will help your business. The advantages of an audit are too compelling to ignore. Here is a look at some of the top benefits we see across our client base:
  • A faster experience: An audit will expose slow page loading times and other speed-related deficiencies.
  • A consistent message: Your brand voice is vital to promoting your brand. A website audit will highlight any site inconsistencies.
  • A more fluid user experience: An audit will assess the effectiveness of your search features and the structure of your product categories.
  • Improved SEO: Your site’s content should be SEO-friendly across the board. A website audit will outline opportunities for improved SEO.
  • An Optimized Website: An audit will identify outdated plugins that may be slowing down your load time and site functionality.
  • Greater ROI: Through improvements in speed, consistency, layout, and SEO, your business will enjoy a more attractive ROI.

Even if you feel that your website functions well, remember that there is always room for improvement. Periodic website audits can help ensure that your e-commerce store remains easy to find and navigate. Most importantly, an audit can help ensure that your business is primed to maintain your competitive edge.

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What you can expect from an audit

If you have never had a website audit, you may wonder what the process is like and whether it will interrupt your productivity. These are legitimate questions that we are happy to answer. Here is a look at what you can expect during your website audit process:

Step One: We examine your website through a customer lens

The first thing our team will do is to visit your customer-facing website. In addition to evaluating your site’s overall appearance and design, we will screen for inefficiencies and glitches in the browsing and purchasing process. We will also assess your site’s ability to engage your customers and your site’s performance on mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Step Two: We review the back end of your website

Customers may not be able to see the back end of your website, but it is just as important as your site’s front end. So during the next phase of your audit, we will go through your site’s back end to see if you are taking full advantage of all the opportunities that enable you to optimize your website. For example, we will look at your database, apps, and applications that allow your website to function fully.

Step Three: We provide you with a report of our findings

Upon completing your website audit, we will organize our findings and summarize them in a report. As no two websites are exactly alike, your report will be full of feedback and suggestions that are specific to your unique site. Here is a look at what you can expect to receive in your report:

  • A summary of your site’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Recommended services that will address your site’s problems
  • Solutions that will generate more revenue by improving the customer experience

We know you are eager to improve your site quickly, so strive to have your customized report completed within 5 business days. One of our specialists will also be available to review audit findings in detail and answer any questions you may have.


What you can do to ensure a successful audit

As the owner or operator of your e-commerce business, you play a valuable role in the website audit process. In fact, we will ask you for a few pieces of important information that will help us deliver superb results. Here are a few things we will need from you in order to kick off the audit process:
  • Basic contact details, including your name, your website URL, and your email address
  • Google Analytics access
  • Shopify access, if applicable
  • A list of any complaints from customers
  • Your business goals and/or the reason you are seeking an audit

Once you have provided a short list of initial items, you can return to running your business. The audit process should not interfere with your customers or your website’s functionality, and you will not have to endure any interruptions to your productivity.


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A small price to pay for big improvements

Every penny counts and every customer matters in today's fiercely competitive e-commerce world. For a modest fee, you can schedule your website audit and put your business on the fast track to increased sales. Our goals are to maximize your ROI and deliver the long-term web design support that will help you maintain your competitive edge.

Your single best path to a successful website audit

Your e-commerce store deserves a website that is beautiful, responsive, and SEO-friendly. With a high functioning website, you can maximize your selling potential and improve the customer experience – no matter what industries you serve.

The path to a successful website audit begins with the services of a trusted web design agency. We invite you to contact us at Future Holidays to schedule a website audit. We can have your audit completed in a matter of a few days with little to no disruption to your business. We look forward to helping you provide a stellar shopping experience!


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