Future Holidays joins 1% for the Planet

Future Holidays joins 1% for the Planet.Beach shore. wave receding

The “What”

We’re pleased to announce our membership with 1% for the Planet, a nonprofit dedicated to pairing its members with certified charities focused on creating a positive environmental impact.

As a member, Future Holidays pledges to donate 1% of all revenue from 2021 moving forward to 1% for the Planet, where our donation will be matched with a worthy cause. So, when you employ us to redesign your website, refine your marketing strategy, and everything in between, also know that you are supporting important climate, food, land, pollution, water, and wildlife initiatives!

To date, 1% for the Planet has received more than $300 million from its members. With nearly 5,900 business partners, like Patagonia, OXO, Klean Kanteen, and Honest Tea, we’re in good company, and excited to unite under a common mission.

The “Why”

After discovering that some of his favorite brands were members of 1% for the Planet, founder Ryan Kodzik started researching the organization and knew that it would be a great fit for Future Holidays.

“My goal is to evolve Future Holidays in 2021. Part of that is to do more good as a company and take great care of our team”

said Kodzik

Recently, Future Holidays rolled out charitable donation matching, to encourage all employees to find local organizations they care about and get the company involved.

Only 3% of global philanthropy currently goes to the environment.

What!? We believe the planet is way more important than that, and it needs our help. We don’t always have the time to volunteer, so donating 1% of our profits ensures we’re ALWAYS doing our part and making an impact, together.