Revitalize Your Marketing with New Klaviyo Features

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Klaviyo continues to empower marketing for eCommerce businesses, and this is certainly seen through their new game-changing updates. Klaviyo released a new set of features in late April 2022 that not only improve efficiency for eCommerce businesses, but are helping to maximize their marketing efforts for more streamlined success.

A huge part of the new Klaviyo updates was a focus on improving performance. For eCommerce businesses, this creates the perfect opportunity to understand how effective your marketing efforts are and how exactly customers are responding to these efforts. These features offered by Klaviyo have introduced a variety of opportunities for eCommerce businesses to feel empowered and help shop owners take control of their business. Let’s take a closer look at what Klaviyo has to offer.

Determine Which Subject Lines Are Most Engaging

Klaviyo now coaches you on which subject lines are most engaging for better performance and deliverability. For those who struggle with creating engaging subject lines, this new update was designed just for you.

Thanks to Klaviyo’s new Subject Line Assistant, eCommerce businesses can create effective subject lines in a shorter amount of time. With this advanced AI tool, businesses can:

  • Easily generate customized subject lines based on a variety of factors like brand, product, and the goal of the campaign
  • Review historical performance data to get better insight into which subject lines performed the best
  • Take advantage of subject line best practices to avoid common mistakes that could negatively affect your deliverability

Your subject line plays a key role in your marketing message, and these new Klaviyo updates enable you to avoid the pitfalls of subpar subject lines and increase your open rate.

Improve Your Sender Reputation and Deliverability Through Klaviyo’s Guided Warming Feature

Reputation is everything when it comes to building a successful eCommerce business. A positive reputation leads to better engagement, increases customer loyalty, and is a core component of a thriving eCommerce store.

For eCommerce businesses, sender reputation is a top priority as it has a direct impact on the success of your marketing list. A sender reputation is a score that you receive provided to you by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This score is crucial when it comes to email deliverability because it has a direct impact on whether your recipients will actually receive your email marketing campaign.

Those with a higher score have a better chance of their emails being sent to their recipients. But those with a lower score will likely have difficulties getting their campaign to land in their recipient’s inbox. So, how can eCommerce businesses improve their sender reputation? The short answer is with Klaviyo’s new guided warming feature.

Deliverability and sender reputation are top priorities for most eCommerce businesses. But, not all businesses are an expert at this. The good news is that you don’t have to be. Klaviyo’s guided warming feature helps you build a stronger sender reputation, maintain good deliverability, and help you consistently reach your customers with ease.

The new guided warming feature is packed with a lot of benefits that will help you see better results in your marketing campaigns. For starters, guided warming enables you to automate the process of establishing a positive sender reputation with inbox service providers when accounts are warming a new sending infrastructure.

For accounts that are eligible, Klaviyo will monitor them during the warming period and will filter out less engaged recipients by alerting you that you are about to send an email out to them.  This is a crucial part of improving your sender’s reputation and deliverability because emails that are sent to unengaged recipients can lower your ISP score.

Those using the guided warming feature will have full transparency throughout the process. In fact, you will be able to see each recipient’s warming status, and you’ll even receive a notification when warming is complete. If there is a problematic or unengaged recipient, you can automatically exclude them from your marketing list to help protect your reputation.

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Collect More Data to Empower Your Marketing Efforts

Collecting useful data is essential for eCommerce business owners. The more information you have, the better decisions you can make for your customers and business. With that said, Klaviyo has introduced more integrations, such as ShipBob, Friendbuy, and Shopware that not only help you craft more unique experiences, but collect more data.


ShipBob integration enables you to keep your customers in the loop by providing updates about their order status. When a customer places an order, ShipBob will pass shipping events to trigger emails and SMS to customers so they know exactly where the product is and when it’s coming. An added bonus is that you’ll gain a unified view of all messages your customers are receiving and engaging with.


Friendbuy integration enables you to grow your email and SMS lists through referrals. With the new update, users can now collect both emails and phone numbers from each referral. This is beneficial because you can now grow your marketing list while collecting multi-channel consent and increase your referral conversions.


Shopware integration helps you grow your online business with ease. With this new update, users will receive a playbook for building and growing their online business by sending relevant and personalized advertising messages.

Revamp Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy with Klaviyo Updates

If your eCommerce marketing strategy needs a revamp, Klaviyo’s new features will certainly help your business thrive. With these most recent Klaviyo updates, eCommerce businesses can create more compelling subject lines to increase their open rate. Businesses can also improve their sender reputation to ensure their email lands in each of their recipient’s inboxes.

Klaviyo also makes it easier for eCommerce businesses to collect useful data to empower their overall marketing efforts and grow their online store.

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