Klaviyo Just Released New Features to Charge Up Your Email Marketing

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Klaviyo has been a forerunner in the email marketing industry for years, and it continues to release new features that will make life easier for its users. In a key product event in late October, Klaviyo unveiled several new features that have the potential to change how both eCommerce shop owners and customers view email marketing. From new forms and templates to help desk integration, scheduled reports, and quiet hours, the new Klaviyo features are expected to give eCommerce shops that use the email platform a competitive edge during the upcoming holiday shopping season and beyond.

Klaviyo’s New Email Marketing Features

Although Klaviyo was already a top-performing email marketing platform, it recently released a selection of new features that address topics that have interested users in the past and will make it an even more appealing option for eCommerce shop owners in the future. Here is an overview of the changes Klaviyo announced at its product event, as well as insights into how you can expect them to impact your email marketing strategy!

New Forms Library

Using Klaviyo’s ready-made forms to encourage your site visitors to connect with you, often in exchange for a discount code or other promotion, is a quick and simple way to grow your email list while boosting customer engagement. While Klaviyo has offered these forms for quite some time, these just-released styles add a fresh touch to the older forms many of your customers have seen before, and many options are better optimized for mobile viewing than older alternatives. Whether you’re interested in trying a form in a cheerful and festive color for the holiday marketing season or matching your forms to your recently redesigned branding materials, Klaviyo’s new forms are a quick and easy way to step up your email marketing game.

New Template Editor

Similarly, Klaviyo’s new template options provide eCommerce shop owners with more options for designing emails, web pages, and other marketing materials that follow modern trends. This way, it will be clear to your customer base that your innovative shop keeps up with the latest trends within both your industry and technology as a whole.

Quiet Hours

Your customers may want to keep tabs on the status of their orders, but that does not mean they want to be interrupted in the middle of the night. Although real-time notifications can be helpful if your customers want up-to-the-minute information about where their new favorite thing is and when they will receive it, shipping carriers and potentially even your warehouse do not stop once your customers have gone to bed.

By default, Klaviyo prevents text messages from being sent between 8 pm and 11 am based on a customer’s location, and the latest update provides even more options for further customizing this setting to help you provide your customers with the helpful information they want without inadvertently contacting them at inappropriate times.

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Help Desk Integration

Although it is important to time any communication that your business initiates appropriately, it is also essential to make sure that your customers do not have to wait too long to receive an answer when they reach out to you with questions or concerns surrounding their order or your products. Klaviyo now allows eCommerce shops to integrate their help desk services with their messaging solutions to streamline their ability to quickly connect with customers and potential customers.

With this option, you and your customer service team can respond directly to customers’ text messages, emails, and online chats in real-time right from your help desk, which allows you to keep your shoppers from having to wait for an answer. Your potential customers may be ready to make a purchase once they obtain the answer to a pressing question but leave the item in their shopping cart without completing the checkout process if they do not receive a response in a timely manner, and delays in responding to concerns about problems with their order can keep them from coming back in the future even if they like the item they receive.

This feature helps decrease your response times by giving you an at-a-glance look at the messages your eCommerce shop is receiving through various channels at any given time, filter them to handle the most pressing issues first, and reply to less urgent comments to assure all your customers that you are taking their opinions into consideration. This way, you will be able to increase the percentage of customers that are able to receive the answers they are looking for before they become annoyed and decide to look elsewhere.

Scheduled Reports

Knowing how well your marketing emails are performing is a must when it comes to determining which ones are bringing in the results you want and providing insights into which strategies to continue or stop using in the future. Although Klaviyo has always provided eCommerce shop owners with access to certain product metrics that have partially served this purpose, the platform will now automatically generate scheduled monthly and weekly reports that are filled with even more detailed information about the overall performance of your marketing emails, products, and other communication methods that will give you a more complete picture of how your marketing strategy is doing without having to remember to look at your metrics.

Step Up Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy with Klaviyo’s New Features

Your email marketing strategy was once relatively simple, but it now includes options for integrating many of the latest tech trends into something as basic as an email. Taking advantage of Klaviyo’s new features will allow you to incorporate modern trends, connect with your target audience on a deeper level, and further customize your eCommerce shop to better meet your customers’ needs and increase their convenience.

At Future Holidays, we are passionate about keeping our clients in the loop about the latest developments in email marketing and a wide variety of other forms of digital marketing. Our partnership with the innovative Klaviyo enables us to connect you with the newest email marketing features in the industry as soon as they become available. Contact us today to learn more about how you can take advantage of Klaviyo’s new features in the coming months or get started!