How to Create Shopify Automated Email Campaigns Using Klaviyo

How to Create Shopify Automated Email Campaigns Using Klaviyo

When it comes to marketing your store online, you have so many choices — chatbots, Facebook and Google Ads, email… and the list goes on. For many business owners, it’s far too easy to get “shiny object syndrome” and keep jumping around from one marketing channel to the next.

The challenge is knowing which techniques are going to work for you and your store. Your success with each one is highly dependent on a wide variety of different variables — many of which haven’t been tested or proven effective for your niche yet.

Email is a time-honored and effective way to market your products that customers will enjoy and won’t find obtrusive. Today we’ll show you how to create Shopify automated email campaigns using Klaviyo so that you can start capitalizing on this proven traffic channel.

Automated Email Campaigns Made Easy Using Klaviyo

Email remains one of the most effective ways to nurture your leads and turn them into increased sales and profits for your company. Customers still prefer email communications from brands they enjoy more than any other form of marketing communication.

Email marketing that is designed to drive sales and conversions is a science and an art form. Companies that adopt professional, customized email automation techniques will see conversions rise as much as 77%. When it comes to making your eCommerce store, automated emails and email drip campaigns should serve a central role in your efforts to maximize profits.

Automated campaigns are set up to “trigger” specific messages to your leads depending on what action the person takes.

Quick Tip: There are many different email service providers you can use to send these emails, but Klaviyo is the one we recommend. It is the most user-friendly and useful marketing automation tool specifically for Shopify stores.

Below, we’ll cover the top five automated email flows that every eCommerce store needs to set up and optimize. Taking advantage of this opportunity will keep your audience engaged and advancing along your sales funnel.

The Welcome Series

A “welcome” email series are the emails that a person will get as soon as they make a purchase or sign up for your email list or company newsletter. In most cases, you’ll want to set up three or four welcome emails that go out to the subscriber within three or four days.

Quick Tip: including “welcome” in the first email’s subject line can get you a higher open and click rate.

During this part of your Shopify automated email campaigns, the welcome series gives you a chance to introduce yourself and your brand to your lead. It’s also a good idea to put a call-to-action in each welcome email. A professional email marketing consultant can help you decide on what actions to focus on that are aligned with your business goals.

Abandoned Cart Series

The emails that are part of your Shopify abandoned cart email series are only sent to people who have added your products to their cart but haven’t purchased them. They are designed to encourage these people to finish checking out.

The entire abandoned cart email flow will trigger once a shopper takes the action Checkout Started in Shopify. Your email specialist can help you further narrow down the email triggers to people who haven’t finished their purchase, or even more granular actions and non-actions.

Automated Dynamic Coupons

Shopify stores that use Klaviyo can create one-time use coupon codes or dynamic coupons. Every subscriber on your email list will get a coupon code that is unique just to them.

What makes these Klaviyo features so beneficial for business owners is that you don’t have to worry about people sharing the coupon codes. Plus, you can set up automated email campaigns just for dynamic coupons, helping you drive greater sales and conversions at certain times of the year or for specific objectives.

Want to win back older subscribers? You can send them a unique coupon code to entice them to engage with your brand and make a purchase. Set up discounts just for select VIP subscribers, or dynamic coupon codes and matching email series for brand new subscribers, winning them over to your brand.


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Order Confirmation Emails

Order confirmation emails get triggered and sent out to your shoppers as soon as they make a purchase. The thing is, these emails should be branded and personalized. Shopify already has placeholder transactional emails that get sent out anytime a person buys or ships an item from your store.

Setting up a personalized template with your unique, branded messaging in your automated confirmation email will help nurture leads and drive more sales and conversions throughout your entire email marketing ecosystem.

Automated Shipping Confirmation Emails

Automated shipping confirmation emails are considered transactional emails and are already sent out in a placeholder template through Shopify when someone ships an item from your store.

The same principles that apply to your order confirmation emails apply here too. You’ll want to invest in personalized, branded shipping confirmation emails that are designed to nurture leads and increase your brand awareness.

Get started with optimized, effective automated Shopify email campaigns today.

Email marketing is critical to maximizing your profits and growing your audience. Investing in automated email marketing campaigns will also drive an excellent ROI for a variety of verticals and niches.

While all of that sounds good, successful email marketing campaigns require certain skills in different areas — including copywriting skills, sales and marketing know-how, and the technical knowledge needed to create effective email sales funnels.

Once you send them, emails can’t be taken back if they go wrong.

Hiring a professional to run this critical part of your marketing ecosystem is a smart way to invest in the health of your business. We’re standing by to answer any of your questions and concerns about email marketing today. Schedule a meeting with me and let’s talk about your business goals!