MailChimp & Shopify Breakup: Klaviyo Saves the Day

MailChimp & Shopify Breakup

The Low-Down

The eCommerce world has recently received some huge news that MailChimp will be stopping their integration on Shopify as of May this year (2019). Since both MailChimp and Shopify are world-renowned platforms in the eCommerce industry, this news came as quite a shock. The exact details of the breakup are complicated. We currently know that the MailChimp app is no longer listed on the Shopify store. As of May 12th this year, Shopify users will not be able to support their stores with MailChimp integration. So, you’re going to need to either find another way to integrate/sync or migrate to a new platform. The question everyone is thinking is, where do we go from here, and what happens now?

Klaviyo will Save the Day

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While the news of Shopify and MailChimp parting ways may seem frustrating for users. There are other great alternatives, if not better alternatives, that are simply waiting for you to get started. Klaviyo can provide you with the same amount of functionality and support as MailChimp did, and it’s available on the Shopify app store. We, Future Holidays, work with closely clients to migrate onto Klaviyo as we see it as a better platform compared to MailChimp regardless.

There is huge value in migrating to Klaviyo other than just having it available on Shopify. Despite the myths of Klaviyo being shadowed by MailChimp, it is still up and coming as one of the best platforms out there. If that’s not enough to convince you, more than 4,900 former MailChimp customers were able to grow their revenue by over 45% within their first six months of using Klaviyo. The impressive statistics speak for themselves, and so does the results Klaviyo produce for their users.

Why is Klaviyo Better?

Klaviyo has a talented and skilled team who have created a platform that fits many industries and supports various different users and customers. Their segmentation process allows potential customers to be split into groups or segments based on their different characteristics. This is a powerful strength they have. It enables eCommerce companies to see who share traits and how they collectively respond to marketing strategies. Going forward this will save a lot of time and money as you will know exactly who to target with certain campaigns and marketing advertisements.

They also offer singular customer view. This means you’re able to store and consolidate each of your customer’s records in one database that is easy to read and navigate. Organizations and companies who have a lot of customers will find this particularly attractive. Not only does this singular customer view give an improved marketing targeting strategy but it also increases your customer loyalty. When you’re able to create a more personalized experience and enhance customer service, your customer loyalty is almost guaranteed to surge.

Plus, Klaviyo are experts in the eCommerce field.  Also, they are continually growing and expanding their customer base. The split between MailChimp and Shopify means many previously MailChimp users will be migrating over to Klaviyo as it’s a lot easier and flexible.

Common Myths: Debunked

“Klaviyo is too expensive.”

We’ll be the first to admit that Klaviyo is more expensive than MailChimp and unfortunately, we can’t change this. While you may be initially spending more money on your Klaviyo package, you’ll see an increase in store revenue within the first six months of migrating. The rise in price packages only means you’re being provided with a more individual and expertly-minded service. We sure wouldn’t complain about the results it gives users. What we’re trying to say is, despite the higher price, it’s worth it for the results you get from Klaviyo.

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“Migrating can take too long.”

We can do this very quickly, in a matter of days. It definitely isn’t as complicated and confusing as people make out. Plus you’re able to see better marketing results in no time at all.

“Switching is risky.”

Luckily with Klaviyo, you’re not locked into a contract as they don’t believe in them. It’s easy to change the package or even cancel your subscription with them if you decide it’s not for you. When switching onto Klaviyo, you don’t lose any features and you can also bring over your entire email list if you wish to do so. Plus, switching isn’t risky as you’re able to migrate to another alternative platform if you don’t like it, but we’re sure you will.

“Should I move on from Shopify?”

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Earlier we talked about migrating from MailChimp to Klaviyo. When we’re talking about this, it’s relatively easy and smooth. Switching your eCommerce platform is a much larger process. In terms of your business, it’s your decision what you want to do. But if you’re looking at profits and sales, then we can guarantee you’ll love the results a combination of Shopify and Klaviyo produce. Shopify stores make $85 for every dollar they spend on Klaviyo.

What Now?

If you’re a current MailChimp user impacted by the Shopify breakup. It’s now your decision of which platform you migrate onto. We would recommend trying out Klaviyo, but regardless you’re going to have to choose a new alternative platform. This is the reality of the situation. What now? Essentially you decide which platform best suits your eCommerce company. You should also take into considering all the benefits and limitations of the platforms available.