Robin Golf

Creating a user-friendly interface & marketing strategy for a progressive golf brand

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$10,000 in direct revenue from campaigns in 2 days

“We were impressed with the marketing because we saw the direct impact from that. Their efforts contributed to about $10,000 in direct revenue within 1–2 days. They also made a couple of optimizations to the website flow which resulted in an increased conversion rate of half a percent, which was fairly significant.”

Robin Golf

Future Holidays dove head first into refining the headless architecture of Robin Golf’s website. The headless website was designed by another agency, but because the site was decoupled from their Shopify CMS, it was difficult for the client to make updates without a developer’s help. We simplified the process for them, added helpful apps and Google Analytics, as well as optimized their conversion rates.

golf course grass with seven golf balls and the shadow of the body of a person who is on the course

Happy with the progress of the headless project, Robin Golf turned to us for help with their email campaigns. By implementing email capture lightboxes and automated product restock flows, we were able to increase sales – FAST.

several promotional pages of the Robin Golf golf club, several people posing on the golf course
robin golf brand golf club holder and people both adults and children using the golf clubs
two promotional bands and 15% discounts on the robin golf brand
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