A picture’s worth a million views


When the sports retail giant needed to communicate their brand’s mission through website imagery, they sought help from Future Holidays. Decathlon entrusted us with brainstorming, designing, and executing a crucial website element – the hero image, which is the largest image that appears first on the page. With millions of website views, and billions of dollars in revenue, we knew this one image would have to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also generate sales.

Two men riding a racing bike. Sale of accessories shoes, sweater and bicycle
list of sports written on a blue background cycling, tennis, pilates, yoga, hiking, running, volleyball, baseball
promotion of sports products and accessories. people dressed in the Decathlon company uniform
people doing sports. man and woman jogging. man diving and man and woman doing yoga
three people with snorkel and wetsuit diving in the sea
Man with snorkel diving in the sea
A man and a woman jogging along the pier. We love running
various framed images showing people playing sports wearing decathlon brand sports accessories

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