Important eCommerce Dates for 2020

important ecommerce dates 2020

Staying informed about essential eCommerce dates can make the difference between your shop breaking record numbers in sales or falling short in 2020.

You don’t want to miss out on prime opportunities to promote your products during some of the busiest shopping seasons throughout the year because you forgot to jot the dates down on your calendar.

In 2019, consumers spent more money during Black Friday than ever before—with $7.2 billion being spent by consumers shopping online vs. brick and mortar locations.

That number is expected to increase in 2020, so you need to make sure to prepare your eCommerce shop. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s day are some of the most active shopping seasons of the year, but you should not focus only on these holidays.

Keep reading to learn about all the critical eCommerce dates you need to mark on your calendar for 2020.

Important eCommerce Dates for 2020

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Earth Day

Date: April 22nd

Earth Day is an excellent time to leverage consumers’ passion for protecting the environment to increase awareness about your products. If your business is eco-conscious, consider trying one of these campaigns for Earth Day 2020:

  • Give away a reusable item with each purchase — such as a reusable tote bag.
  • Offer a free eco-friendly product for every purchase that meets a minimum spend amount. For example, you could offer a free seed starter kit that includes all the necessary supplies to grow an herb plant to customers who spend $50 or more on Earth Day.
  • Donate to an eco-friendly organization if your eCommerce shop hits a minimum threshold for sales on Earth Day or the week leading up to the holiday.

Mother’s Day

Date: May 10th

84% of adults in the U.S. are planning to celebrate Mother’s Day this year, and they are expected to spend up to $25 billion on gifts. If you’re not marketing your products on Mother’s Day or increasing awareness of your brand, you’re missing out.

Would your products make excellent gifts for moms? Then offer a discount or free gift with purchase to increase orders.

Don’t sell products that would make good gifts? Run a marketing campaign that increases brand awareness instead. For example, create a contest where people can enter to win one of your products by sharing a story about their mom. Give them additional entries in the contest by sharing the post with their friends on social media.

Father’s Day

Date: June 21st

Sales for Father’s Day aren’t projected to be as high as Mother’s Day, but 75% of consumers in the U.S. and U.K. are expected to spend up to $12 billion celebrating Father’s Day this year, so it’s still an excellent time to promote your products.

eCommerce businesses that didn’t have the perfect gift for mom might find they do have the ideal gift for dad. You can use the same types of promotions you would have for moms on Mother’s Day — as mentioned above.

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Back to School

Dates: August 1st – Labor Day

49% of adults plan to purchase back to school supplies within two weeks of school starting, and approximately 10% say that coupons and promotions motivate them to shop at a particular store.

Back-to-school shoppers are expected to spend $80.7 billion this year, so if your eCommerce store sells related products, this would be the best time of the year to promote them.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Dates: November 26-29th

In the past, Black Friday shoppers had Thanksgiving traditions that involved the women rushing out to take advantage of the best deals they could get year-round, while the men stayed home to watch football and digest the massive amounts of food they had just consumed.

These traditions are evolving to incorporate online shopping as more consumers become comfortable with the idea, and more eCommerce shops are offering better discounts and deals to those who do.

Make sure you are offering competitive deals and discounts to your customers during Thanksgiving and Black Friday in 2020.

Cyber Monday

Date: November 30th

Cyber Monday is even better than Black Friday for eCommerce shops. Businesses are offering much better Cyber Monday deals than most retailers are offering during Black Friday, and consumers are catching on.

To maximize their savings, they are choosing to spend less during Black Friday so they can spend more during Cyber Monday instead. Make sure your eCommerce shop has an effective marketing strategy in place that you can use to drive more Cyber Monday shoppers to your website.

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Green Monday

Date: December 14th

Green Monday is the second Monday of December, and it’s the biggest online shopping day out of the entire month. Retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Amazon promoted Green Monday last year, and it extended the excitement around Black Friday and the overall holiday shopping season.

Consider having your website “go green” for Green Monday by tinting all your pages green for the day and offering discounts or free shipping.

Super Saturday

Date: December 19th

Super Saturday is also known as Panic Saturday because it’s the last Saturday before Christmas. Last year, consumers spent a record-breaking $34.4 billion on Super Saturday alone.

Sales on Super Saturday 2019 topped Black Friday’s sales by 10%, so it’s essential to mark this day on your calendar and plan a campaign to promote your eCommerce store that day.

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