How to Write Product Descriptions That Boost Sales

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When it comes to writing descriptions for your products, store owners come in one of two varieties — which one are you?

  1. They pack in the features and specs and everything that they think someone would want to know about the product.
  2. Or, they throw in a quick sentence or two and try to be clever, but they leave out the details that people need.

An online shopper can’t see or touch your products in person. Your product descriptions are the only way they can learn about your items and make a decision to buy.

How do you write product descriptions that actually increase your sales? Let me show you some of my best tips and strategies.

Boost Sales in Your Store by Learning How to Write Product Descriptions Correctly

Product descriptions should describe the benefits and features of your products. Their goal is to answer the customer’s questions and provide the information they need to overcome their anxieties about making a bad purchase.

Put Your Customer First

Your customers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to making a decision to purchase your products. They need to feel confident in their choice to shop with you.

If you can build their confidence and proactively answer their questions, then you can encourage them to go ahead and purchase instead of continuing to shop around.

To help write your description, ask yourself these questions:

  • What problem does your product help your customer solve?
  • What are the benefits of using your products?
  • What makes your product different/better than the others in the market?
  • How should/will your product make them feel after they receive it?

It’s important to connect your product’s features with the benefit they provide. Zappos does a good job of this with their Rockport Works shoes.

They explain that they have a “brushed microfiber lining” — but the benefit to that feature is that it provides a “great in-shoe feel.” The EVA midsole cushioning is there to help keep your shoes feeling comfortable all day. And the rubber outsole is designed to help prevent you from slipping.

If you write your product descriptions in a way that connects your features with their benefits, your customers can clearly see why they should buy and buy sooner rather than later.

Tell a Story

If you want your potential customers to connect with your product and purchase it, they have to be able to visualize how it will fit into their lives.

Your customers will feel compelled to purchase sooner because they want your product in their life to solve their problem or fill a need. Tell the story of their life with your product.

Method Home does this really well on their product descriptions.

“spend the season surrounded by things that make you feel good. rich colors + gilded gold accents put you in a festive frame of mine, while three of our most-loved fragrances make a limited-time comeback. whether it’s a whiff of snow-dusted evergreens, a hint of crisp mint + creamy vanilla or the spicy-sweet scent of a holiday treat, warm winter wishes are just a wash away.”


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Optimize for Search Engines

Humans are your primary audience, but your product descriptions also need to be clear for search engines spiders as well.

Your customers have to be able to find your store if you’re going to get them to purchase. Optimized product descriptions help search engines understand what your product is, what it does, and who should buy it. Search engines need to know this if they are going to connect the right people with your store.

Use the tips I’ve already given you and think about your customers. What are they likely to be searching for that should lead them to you? Consider the words they would type into the search and include those in your product description.

Stay True to Your Brand

Your brand is more than just your logo, colors, and fonts. It’s your company’s personality. It’s the quality and type of products that you carry.

Your brand can have a big influence on why someone buys from you. They will connect with you, relate to you, and begin to build a community around you if you build a strong brand.

Tipsy Elves is a great example of branding in eCommerce. They infuse their product descriptions with their personality and still manage to keep it short.

“Yes! Finally, Santa is bringing you what you’ve always wanted for Christmas. He’s delivering a unicorn right to your door on this ugly holiday sweater. Other little girls wanted ponies, but those are boring. You’ll be anything but ordinary when you pair this top with some pristine white jeggings and riding boots. Saddle up, Girl, because it’s time to fly!”

You can buy ugly Christmas sweaters anywhere… but Tipsy Elves is a brand you can get behind. Promoting your eCommerce brand online is crucial in a marketplace as big as the internet.

Be Specific and Relevant with Your Descriptions

Writing a successful product description is simple.

  • Connect the customer with the product in a way that’s relevant to them.
  • Include features that are crucial for someone to make an informed decision — measurements, size references, fabric details, etc.
  • Explain the benefits of the product when you list the features — moisture-wicking fabric is good, but why is that something a buyer should care about?
  • Make a recommendation on what they need and why they need it.

Growing your sales online starts with clearly defining your products in a way that customers can visualize and see the benefit of. This isn’t always something that’s easy to do. If you’ve read all of these tips and you’re still feeling like you aren’t sure what to do, bring in a professional to help.

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