How to Know Your Fashion Website Has Outgrown Squarespace

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The fashion industry is continually growing and as this happens, fashion websites are becoming more popular with consumers. In 2018, the eCommerce fashion industry earned around $480 billion in revenue worldwide and this number is estimated to rise to $713 billion by 2022. Not only this, but fashion boutique stores are growing more popular daily. This means the market is open to those who wish to expand. While Squarespace is a good option for many companies, fashion eCommerce stores typically thrive on other platforms that are more efficient. There will most likely come a point when your business has outgrown Squarespace and you’re ready to move on, but how do you know it’s time to spread your wings? We’re to give you the lowdown on everything you need to know before making the decision to change website platforms.

We understand it’s a huge decision for your business but it’s definitely for the better. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to passing some of your biggest competitors. Remember that it’s also essential for your fashion website to be mobile optimized as most fashion traffic and sales tend to happen on mobile devices rather than desktop.


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You May Face These Problems…

Every fashion website starts out wanting to be the best in the business. Yet, it’s often the case that we don’t have the initial budget to splash out on a fancy website. Squarespace is a great platform to start your fashion website. However, you’ll soon find that you’re limited in ways you shouldn’t be. So, how do you know when you’ve outgrown Squarespace?

Firstly, your site will be getting a lot of traffic and sales. Websites that are succeeding should have high conversion rates which means your traffic is generating customers and sales. You should also be to build a bigger and better eCommerce business. One of the best ways to do this is know your options. There are countless eCommerce platforms out there including our beloved Shopify. These platforms boast tons of exciting features and tools that are sure to aid the growth of your eCommerce store.

Limited Scalability

Shopify has a large ecosystem of 3rd party apps which means you have an overwhelming amount of opportunity to use them. This can be anything from abandon cart apps to retargeting emails for those who have previously been on your store. Squarespace simply doesn’t have this scalability when it comes down to it. You’re limited when it comes to Squarespace features. Whereas Shopify apps are consistently being updated and new ones are being added daily. Having the accessibility of 3rd party apps allows for a more efficient and modern website that correctly targets your audience.

Additionally, Shopify is an eCommerce platform which means it was built specifically for eCommerce scalability whereas Squarespace doesn’t allow for this.


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 Lack of Customization

Squarespace as a platform lacks customization when it comes to themes and the accessibility of changing themes if you wish. Shopify gives you more options in terms of both integration and customization since you can choose from third-party designers that suit your needs. There is a common misconception that Shopify is more expensive than Squarespace. However, when you start to consider themes and customization, you’ll find that you get a lot more for your money with Shopify.

Adding customization to your fashion website allows you to stand out from your competitors. This in turn, will turn into a greater amount of customer satisfaction and sales. The only way you’ll ever get to the top (of your industry and searches) is by being the best and having an eye-catching website.

Benefits of Moving to Shopify

As a Shopify agency, we prefer it over other platforms, but, what are the real benefits of moving your fashion website over to the platform? Don’t worry, we’re experts in this field so we know all the smaller details that truly matter. Check out our other blog on the benefits of moving to Shopify!

The Process of Moving to Shopify

If you’re a fashion brand ready to go beyond DIY and make the step up to another larger and more efficient platform, we make it easy. Shopify is an eCommerce platform that is not only reliable but also affordable and customizable. We’re a Shopify Agency who can help you migrate all of your current content onto a new site. The process of migrating has simply never been easier. You can start the process by getting in touch with us. We’re more than happy to help you out and get you all set up moving over from Squarespace (or any other platform!) and onto Shopify.