The Most Essential Klaviyo Product Updates for Email Marketers (May 2022)

eCommerce business owner considering how the May Klaviyo updates can improve email marketing

Marketing for eCommerce businesses has just gotten better with the new Klaviyo product updates for May. While these updates were small, the most recent improvements will certainly have a huge impact on eCommerce business growth.

This month’s product improvements were highly focused on improving workflows, processes, and deliverables. In fact, the new Klaviyo product updates have provided:

  • Better customizations to track performance
  • Innovative tools to stay compliant and organized
  • New integrations to help eCommerce shop owners increase their customer loyalty and ultimately strengthen and grow their eCommerce business

Learn Faster With Klaviyo’s Dashboard Overhaul

For eCommerce shop owners, it’s important to make the right marketing decisions, improve automation, and build effective audience segments. This not only attracts the right customers to your business but also truly crafts a customer experience worth remembering.

With that said, the best way to do this is through learning faster and building better, which has been successfully achieved with Klaviyo’s dashboard overhaul. Businesses will particularly be interested in the fact that they can get a comprehensive view of the KPIs that are essential to their business and seamlessly find answers to their most pressing questions.

Customize and Consolidate Essential KPIs

Understanding key performance indicators are essential for a successful eCommerce business. With Klaviyo’s dashboard improvements, tracking, understanding, and prioritizing the top KPIs for your business has just gotten better.

Klaviyo understands that performance isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. What’s essential for one business may not be critical to the next. Luckily, shop owners now have the opportunity to make their dashboards fully customizable. They can consolidate their most important key performance indicators in a single place for easy monitoring and learning.

Once you’re on your overview dashboard, you will see a view of your core metrics for attributions and engagement for both email and SMS. In addition to this, your dashboard will provide you access to a data library that answers common questions related to your marketing funnel or deliverability.

Ultimately, eCommerce shop owners will be able to leverage their KPIs to learn which metrics are most important to track and use this as an opportunity to see where their growth lies.

Easily Find the Answers You Need

The road to success often comes with a lot of questions for eCommerce shop owners. For this reason, Klaviyo has unified its search functionality through its community forum, Klaviyo Academy, the developer portal, and its help center.

If you have a question and are quickly looking for an answer, all you need to do is search for the topic. Each system will provide the most relevant responses. This means that shop owners can better manage their time by reducing time spent searching for answers and focusing more on implementing solutions.

New Ways for eCommerce Owners to Stay Compliant and Organized With May’s Klaviyo Product Updates

Coworkers using Klaviyo updates to optimize compliance obligations

Establishing a positive customer experience is essential to eCommerce business growth. But to do so, businesses must remain compliant — especially when it comes to data privacy. Businesses also need to prioritize optimal organization to better funnel their customers for an excellent user experience.

Luckily, Klaviyo’s new update has made it much easier for eCommerce businesses to achieve both goals effortlessly. As part of its update, Klaviyo is hyper-focused on providing shop owners with intuitive tools to provide customers with personalized moments that leave an impact.

Here are three essential tools that are helping eCommerce businesses strengthen their brand and maximize their marketing efforts:

1. Configure Tracking with OneTrust

Staying compliant isn’t always an easy task for businesses, but it’s a necessary component of a successful business. With Klaviyo’s new update, businesses can easily manage and configure tracking with OneTrust compatibility.

Now, eCommerce businesses can partner with OneTrust to ensure that their visitors’ data isn’t being tracked if they haven’t consented to Klaviyo’s onsite cooking tracking.

But when your site visitors do eventually consent to cookies, Klaviyo will begin tracking behaviors like normal. What’s even better is that you don’t need to have a complex understanding of compliance to set it up, and getting started is absolutely free.

2. Easily Pick Separate Lists for Email and SMS Subscribers

When creating forms, businesses can now easily pick separate lists for email and SMS subscribers to better manage visitors. Once you start a multi-step signup forum, Klaviyo asks you to select an email list and a separate SMS list to segment your subscribers. This process allows businesses to cultivate a more streamlined process that enables your list to be more organized.

3. Add UTM Parameters

Another tool that eCommerce businesses will enjoy is the ability to add UTM parameters to SMS campaigns and automation. Klaviyo understands that analyzing data is important. But it also knows that many businesses track their performance outside of the Klaviyo platform.

Businesses that rely on Google Analytics in addition to Klaviyo will particularly enjoy this new update. Businesses can now track SMS and omnichannel engagement from Klaviyo with ease.

New Integrations to Increase Customer Loyalty

Improving customer loyalty is certainly important when it comes to building a successful eCommerce business. Luckily, the Klaviyo product updates have introduced new integrations to amplify customer loyalty and retention.

Here are two essential integrations that eCommerce businesses can leverage:

1. Navar

This integration enables businesses to use shipping event data to create highly personalized campaigns. For instance, those using Navar can now use post-purchase and fulfillment data to segment audiences and send tailored messages that can increase engagement and promote customer loyalty.

Businesses will enjoy the fact that Navar will pass event information, such as:

  • Shipment confirmation
  • Delivered
  • Out for delivery
  • Return initiated

2. Returnly

Another essential integration is Returnly, which enables businesses to use returns data to improve segmentation. Even when you’ve experienced a return, it doesn’t mean that same customer won’t purchase from you again. Businesses can use the information they learn about the return to better segment their post-purchase audience and improve long-term business success.

Take Your eCommerce Business to the Next Level With New Klaviyo Product Updates

If you’re looking to take your eCommerce business to the next level, the new Klaviyo product updates will certainly help you do it. With Klaviyo’s most recent updates, eCommerce businesses can learn faster with their dashboard overhaul, develop better ways to stay compliant, organized, and rely on new and improved integrations to increase customer loyalty.

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