Work Wonnie

The WorkLeisure revolution has arrived!

Work Wonnies

Work Wonnies came to us with a new product designed for the changing landscape of 2020. The Work Wonnie is the mullet of leisurewear, a one-piece suit with a button-down, collared shirt up top and comfy joggers-style sweatpants on the bottom. They were in need of a website to showcase the unique, lighthearted product in a way that inspired the new “work from home” generation.

We worked closely with the founder to provide creative direction, photography direction and a stylish visual story to introduce Work Wonnies to the world. The end result is a slick website that helped launch just in time for Christmas.

We believe we have played a part in helping launch the WorkLeisure revolution!

“A mullet for your wardrobe… business up top, party below!”

Jeff Plotner, FounderWork Wonnies


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