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“This SMS system is a game-changer. It’s like having an extra team member that works 24/7”

Meet Windmill Filters

Windmill Filters isn’t your average air filter provider. From the get-go, they had a vision to disrupt the market. Rather than just selling air filters, they aimed to create an entire ecosystem that educates, engages, and supports their customers throughout the filter lifecycle.

The Vision

While most companies rely on traditional methods like email for customer engagement, Windmill Filters took a different route. They envisioned a system
that would be immediate, interactive, and highly personalized.

The Solution

That’s where SMS Automation comes in. Designed as the backbone of their business, this cutting-edge system not only sends timely reminders but also offers
real-time support, FAQs, and even injects a touch of humor, all through SMS.


The Impact

The result is a business model that’s not just about selling a product but about creating an ongoing relationship with the customer. It’s a model that could easily be adapted to various industries, offering a new way to think about customer engagement.

Ready to revolutionize your customer engagement? Learn how our SMS automation systems can be tailored to meet your needs.

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