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Alaethes Wealth has a very important job. They manage other people’s money. In doing so, they require a website that helps their clientele feel trust and confidence in their expertise. Our job was to craftfully display their level of professionalism and care throughout each part of their website.

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The perfect balance of Modern + Minimal

Working with them was a joy! They were incredibly precise and thoughtful with each comment throughout the design phase. Every suggestion they gave was calculated, kindly requested and appreciative. They were not quick to agree which meant that when they signed off on something, they meant it. They mean business, in the kindest, most professional way.

As a result, the Alaethes Wealth Management website is minimal, modern and very easy to navigate. Their clientele can quickly access a drop-down navigation menu that allows them to easily view their wealth

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“We were confident that they could deliver for us. They’re excellent communicators, and they’re very creative. They always understood what we wanted, and they were quick to take any feedback when we needed them to make a change.”

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