Shopify Plus: Is it right for you?

woman checking on the laptop the orders of her clients and comparing them with the packages that will be sent

Anyone who has dabbled in eCommerce over the last few years knows what Shopify is.  Shopify stands out because it allows merchants to focus on actually running a business vs. dealing with technical issues. Couple that with their knack for security and reliability, and you’ve got yourself a platform that eCommerce retailers love.

Well, what about those online shops that are outgrowing the standard offerings of Shopify? Surely brands can scale on Shopify, right? Right! Shopify offers an option for scalability that larger merchants and fast-growing sites can take advantage of. This is where Shopify Plus comes into play. But, how do you know when to make the leap to the Plus platform?

When to Switch to Shopify Plus

Revenue, Profit, & Growth

Experts recommend switching to Shopify Plus if your revenue is at $1MM per year or if your profit is $100K per year. The actual dollar amounts vary, but it is around these figures that the Plus platform starts to make sense for merchants. These income and profit points are often when extra support and technical features are needed to aid eCommerce scalability.

Obviously, the nature of eCommerce is varied. There are likely to be plenty of companies out there that could benefit from Shopify plus, regardless of their income and profit. Those are typically the sites that have a huge potential for growth which can be facilitated by the Shopify Plus platform.

Store Migration

You don’t need to be a Shopify merchant to make the leap over to Shopify Plus. If you have an eCommerce site on another platform (such as Magento or WordPress with WooCommerce) and you feel your shop meets the needs in this article, you can still make the switch to Shopify Plus. In fact, a specialty of ours is store migration. If you are currently using a third-party platform and are considering Shopify or Shopify Plus, we would love to help! Contact us to discuss migration options and see what fits your needs.



Checkout Customization

The checkout page is arguably one of the most important and popular pages to rely on customization.

Checkout customization allows merchants to increase conversions, decrease abandoned carts and improve their checkout experience. Any of these factors can and will lead to growth. Shopify Plus allows merchants to better customize the checkout page to address these concerns. Partnering with a Shopify Design Agency can help with customization to offer a cohesive experience for your customers.

Top-Tier Support

When you’re on the Plus platform, you get top-tier support like you wouldn’t imagine. This unparalleled level of support is often a single-deciding factor for merchants considering making the jump to Shopify Plus. Here are some of the wonderful support features:

  • 24/7 Dedicated Support Line – Via the Merchant Success platform, you will be given access to a direct line staffed by Shopify Plus specialists. You’ve essentially got a direct line to highly trained professionals that bypasses lower levels of support.
  • Shopify Plus Facebook Community – A tight-knit group of nearly 5,000 highly successful eCommerce marketers. The Plus platform provides access to this private group.
  • Shopify Plus Academy – An amazing collection of tools, videos, and workshops that encompass everything from design to SEO and anything in between.

The Shopify Plus Holy Trinity

There are three tools offered solely to Plus merchants that we feel are imperative for both fast-growing sites, and sites that are already large and established. You may find apps with similar features in the Shopify marketplace, but none will fully compare to what is offered by the in-house Shopify Plus team.

  • Flow – This is arguably one of the single best features of Shopify Plus. eCommerce automation does not and can not get any better than what is offered with Flow. Seamlessly automate your backend processes to free up your time and give your staff more flexibility to work on other projects.
  • Scripts – Change store metrics and pricing models on the fly, bundle products, offer promotions, give price breaks – all quickly and easily!
  • Launchpad – Unlike the back-end automation offered with Flow, this tool offers front-end automation. You can even use Launchpad in conjunction with Scripts to do something like creating a Flash Sale very easily.

As you can see, it’s nearly impossible to create a set of rules to determine whether or not someone should jump to the Shopify Plus platform. The best way for consideration is to take a look at your current metrics, income, and profits – as well as your future goals of growth to see if it’s right for you. At Future Holidays we aim to be the go-to source for smart eCommerce websites. Contact Us today for help on deciding whether or not Plus is right for you, and to get a beautiful theme while you’re making the jump!