Increase your e-commerce store revenue by 10% with email automation.

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It’s no secret, the top e-commerce brands are using email automation to grow their revenue. The key is ensuring your customers see the right messages at the right time. Doing this will turn more browsers into buying customers and keep them coming back for more. . If you are not taking advantage of email automation, you are absolutely leaving money on the table.


Your email marketing on auto-pilot

Over the years, we’ve helped a lot of brands build and grow their e-commerce businesses and we know what works. In 2019, we created $2m in revenue for our clients with AI driven email automation. Why start from square one when you can work with industry experts and leverage years of email marketing knowledge? Here’s how it works:


Audience Segmentation

Based on how your customers shop and engage with your site, we are able to target specific audiences and entice them to shop more. We will also identify our top customers and work to get them back to your site more often.
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Email Flow Creation

We will write, design, develop & test a series of intelligent email flows triggered at the most pivotal points of a buyer’s journey, customers happily keep purchasing. Once these flows are set up, our clients rapidly see an increase of 10% in revenue. Earning on autopilot!

Impact Reports

We are your strategy partners and we will be monitoring all of your email flows over each month. We offer detailed reporting at the end of each 30 days in which we speak to discuss how to best capitalize on the email flow engagement and customer behavior we’ve reported on.
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Ongoing Strategy

Every 30 days, our email flow experts will continue to bring strategies to the table each that will have your email flows performing better and better each month.

Pay us based on the revenue we create for you

We believe so strongly that we can increase your revenue that we offer this service on a performance-based pricing model. Our performance-based pricing is a value-based payment model that makes it easier for brands to explore automated email marketing by removing risk. We charge a fixed-rate monthly retainer fee, plus a 10% commission on earnings from email flow revenue. From what we’ve seen across our client base, email automation is the fastest way to create revenue! If your site is doing $10k in revenue each month already, we can help you grow quickly!

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