Our Team Picks the Top 5 Shopify Apps of 2023

Web team using the best Shopify apps of 2023 to create a great online customer experience

Shopify wins in the website creation game in part because of its flexibility. A nearly countless number of add-ons and apps allow any business to create exactly the website and backend functionality they need. But of course, the sheer number of options available can quickly become overwhelming. Separating the best Shopify apps of 2023 from the worst can become quite a challenge.

That’s where we come in. Join us for a deep dive into the best Shopify apps of the year, handpicked by our highly qualified (and did we mention photogenic?) staff at Future Holidays.

The 5 Best Shopify Apps of 2023

Before we dig into the best Shopify apps of 2023, here is a quick disclaimer. Each solution below serves a specific purpose. That purpose tends to solve a common need for businesses, which is why they ended up among the best Shopify apps to begin with.

But keep in mind that depending on your business needs and niche, other apps can also help. Working with an experienced web developer will help you build the ideal Shopify presence tailored to your and your audience’s needs.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s jump in. These are the five best Shopify apps of 2023, selected by the Future Holidays team.

1. Klaviyo

As an official Shopify strategic partner, Klaviyo is the perfect integration to jumpstart your email and SMS marketing efforts. It’s our preferred email marketing software, as well, making it a natural fit for the #1 spot on any list of the best Shopify apps for 2023 or otherwise.

With the Shopify integration, you can easily collect your audience’s contact information on your Shopify website. Sync your data, then leverage predictive analytics to build audience segments for targeted communications. In addition, automations like Back in Stock, Browse Abandon, and Price Drop can directly lead to even more targeted campaigns.

And that’s just the beginning. For example, real-time revenue data from your online store can help you analyze your automated communications for true ROI. It’s not an exaggeration: every business with a Shopify website can benefit from the Klaviyo integration and app.

2. Recharge

Subscription programs can significantly enhance your e-commerce revenue. They can turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers, all while making your revenue more predictable. And there may be no better solution to help you streamline that process within your Shopify e-commerce store and online presence than Recharge.

Through Recharge, you can create a custom customer portal for anyone signing up for recurring purchases. An SMS integration helps your customers manage their subscriptions via text messaging, while bundles allow you to cross- and upsell and increase your revenue further. Here’s the best part: all subscription-related pieces are integrated naturally within your Shopify store without hampering the experience of customers who still prefer the traditional one-time purchase.

3. Yotpo

Professionals considering some of the best Shopify apps for their website

Every online store needs social proof in the form of customer ratings and product reviews. When it comes to Shopify, no app integration does a better and more thorough job of securing that social proof from your customers than Yotpo.

Simple widgets can help you collect product reviews and ratings. Meanwhile, partner integrations will allow you to display those reviews on your website and external sites like Facebook and Google. Of course, everything is customizable to fit perfectly within your store’s visual look and brand.

You can also go further. Yotpo enables photo and video reviews, which is especially crucial for products that showcase well visually. Meanwhile, it naturally integrates with other SMS and subscription apps to ensure that no matter how your audience experiences your online store, the review process becomes a natural part of the customer journey.

4. Gorgias

Customers don’t just expect live chat when shopping for their favorite or new products. They need it at all times—and so does your store if it hopes to compete against potentially powerful competitors. When that live chat solution is part of a broader customer support infrastructure, it becomes a win for everyone involved.

That’s the core promise of Gorgias. It’s the most comprehensive and intuitive customer service platform integrated via the Shopify app, thanks to an easy ability to centralize orders, conversations, and direct comments on social media in a single and holistic ticket view.

Gorgias works so well because it combines individual service with self-service opportunities from the moment a user enters the website all the way through and beyond checkout. Email, chat, voice, text, and social media all combine into one core solution, providing your customer service team with all the information it needs to take the right action. It’s integrated so closely with Shopify that you can modify or cancel orders without leaving the Gorgias interface.

5. Octane

What if you could customize your Shopify store for every user’s personal preferences? With its dynamic and interactive quizzes, Octane promises a more intuitive way to shop.

It’s a simple process. First, you set up questions or use one of the tool’s integrated templates. Then the customers’ answers determine which of your products will appear for them. The result is a more personalized shopping experience that ultimately leads to increased order value and volume.

Best of all, Octane quiz response data syncs to other Shopify apps, including the above-mentioned Klaviyo. You can launch personalized email and SMS campaigns as a result, further enhancing the relevance of all of your communications for all of your audiences.

What Now? How to Integrate the Best Shopify Apps of 2023 Into Your Website

These five apps all help to accomplish the same core goals—increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. As a result, they increase the revenue your Shopify store can gain for you. But of course, those benefits are only theoretical until you integrate the apps into your store and overarching promotional strategy.

Getting to that point can be complex. An experienced partner can help. Our extensive experience with Shopify and all of the apps mentioned in this guide allows us to be that partner for you.

Let’s work together to maximize your revenue opportunities and grow your business. Contact us to learn more about any of the above apps and start the process of integrating them into your own Shopify website.