Windmill Filters

A website built for growth and an email and SMS strategy to support it

Windmill Filters

Windmill had already been engaging with us for a year when they chose us to help them launch a new digital experience and marketing strategy surrounding their newest product, whole house HVAC filters. The goal was to create an aesthetic, yet educational website, which would help people find the right product and how it works. We also took on the challenge of developing a highly intuitive SMS system that would increase customer engagement with more personal messaging.

Their newest venture required a comprehensive site along with a robust marketing game plan that introduced their audience to a different side of their business.

Driven by strong UX standards, a focus on creativity, and an unwavering commitment to brand elevation, Future Holidays was able to create an enterprise website that pushed the envelope in more ways than one.

Along with their website, we implemented an SMS protocol that provides timely updates, reminders, and support while maintaining the brand’s tone and enhancing customer experience.

As a Shopify preferred partner with more than 10 years experience, we were able to construct the new Windmill site on Shopify Plus, which allowed for more customization options to better achieve the client’s goals.

Central to the site is a quiz which allows a visitor to explore each HVAC filter and choose one based on his or her needs. We also integrated a subscription model for their product with annual delivery options.

Finally, an SMS integration will promote mailing list growth and boost customer satisfaction. This cutting-edge, seamless technology, though recently implemented, has already made a huge impact on Windmill Air’s customer journey and how the audience interacts with the brand.

A welcome flow through Klaviyo introduced the Windmill brand, its history, and the purpose of the filters. It will serve as an educational and customer service tool as well.

Future Holidays is helping us scale up; they’re looking to the future to plan out our engagement for the next year.

They’ve demonstrated that they can actually act strategically and deliver on their promises to achieve our goals, which is important.


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