Dr. Rajiv was looking for a team of sophisticated professionals to help him build and deliver a powerful, sexy, clean and functional eCommerce site, and to bring new, fresh ideas to the table. Future Holidays worked with Dr. Rajiv to build a Shopify website as well as boost the Dr. Gut Happiness brand as a whole.

Dr. Gut Happiness offers premium, quality, and clean nutritional supplement products to help enhance wellness and promote optimum health for every individual and family. The actual doctor behind Dr. Gut Happiness is Board-Certified Gastroenterologist, Dr. Rajiv Sharma. Dr. Gut Happiness is a place to learn about true, clean health and wellness, and also shop for high-quality health supplements.

Future Holidays built a custom Shopify website to help Dr. Rajiv showcase, organize, and sell products. The Future Holidays team also connected Dr. Rajiv’s store to Amazon as well as recommended a number of simplified fulfillment solutions, and supported him in adopting the best solutions to help him manage orders—directly from Shopify.

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