How to Write Product Descriptions That Boost Sales

An online shopper can’t see or touch your products in person. Your product descriptions are the only way they can learn about your items and make a decision to buy. Let me show you some of my best tips and strategies to help you learn how to write product descriptions that increase sales.

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eCommerce sales platform on laptop and mobile

How Web Copy Can Help Boost eCommerce Sales

Whether you're ready to jump in and create content yourself or you're already Googling ways to outsource the task, here's your overview on how killer web copy helps boost eCommerce sales.

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Small business owner using shopify plus to manage shipments

Shopify Plus: Is it right for you?

Shopify offers an option for scalability that larger merchants and fast-growing sites can take advantage of. This is where Shopify Plus comes into play. But, how do you know when to make the leap to the Plus platform?

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ecommerce sales are down

eCommerce Sales Down? Check These 3 Things

When eCommerce sales are down, you need to find the problem ASAP and get it fixed before it causes irreparable harm to your business. For most stores, the source of the decline is usually found in one of the 3 areas.

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Shopify on Mobile Devices: 5 Strategies for More Sales

Shopify on Mobile Devices: 5 Strategies for More Sales

Simply having a mobile-friendly store isn’t enough to guarantee sales. You need to build a fully optimized experience for your shoppers using Shopify on their mobile devices if you want to boost your revenue.

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eCommerce Trends & Stats

eCommerce Trends & Stats to Help You Get Ahead

More and more online shops are opening up and dreaming of making it big and claiming their slice of the eCommerce pie. However, the reality is that not everyone will make it big. Keep up with eCommerce trends & stats like these to stay ahead of the curve.

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automated email campaigns using klaviyo

How to Create Shopify Automated Email Campaigns Using Klaviyo

Email is a time-honored and effective way to market your products that customers will enjoy and won’t find obtrusive. Today we’ll show you how to create Shopify automated email campaigns using Klaviyo so that you can start capitalizing on this proven traffic channel.

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